Sunday, March 24, 2013


thinking thinking thinking .. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life was always like that?

Sometimes i feel the world is unfair , but there are somebody is even more worst than me.
I told myself .nothing is impossible ,go ahead so what also i can pass through.
Sometimes i feel i'm so trouble for everything /everyone. Should i said i'm glad to be there trouble?
Sometimes i feel i just need some luck i can even go better. Appreciate what i have it now.
Do not blaming so much, think the way to solve the problem will be better.

There are not big deal in life.
When trouble come in, find the way to solve it.
When getting hurt, close my eyes tell myself i'm fine.
When getting lost, i have to tell myself the way out is always in front.
When tears drop down, let it go i will feel better than good enough.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Saturday, November 24, 2012



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Online shopping day .
I have follow a website which is Hermo . 
Click here ==>

There is all Original and the price is lower than the market.
You guy can really take a look from there. 
This is part of the website .Furthermore there are few top brand to let you choose . 
Overall Top side .

Brand in Hermo , and more.. 

So i'm purchased few product from there . It is free shipping and quite efficiency. 
Except their system come out some problem cant detect what type of mask that i had choose. 
They have send a text message and asked me for the purchase information. 
So the next 2 day , the product is in front of my house. 

 Estee Lauder Product =]

A mask combination box ~ include 10 mask which can choose by our self =] 

Satisfied for the day . END 

A day i'm coming home

Coming home i'm coming home.. 
Tell the world I'm COMING HOME! 

A day that my family pick me up from Penang .. 
What we did??

The time while waiting my family.. 
It's really too boring ><
^. <  girl always like that.. this the thing we do when boring.

The nail done at last night .. 
my first time Polka Dot nail art design by MYself.
Must capture up =.= 

Then finally they reached ..

It's a raining day but good for the temperature ..
I like it..^^

First thing to do was EAT..

Santorini Cafe 爱琴海
the food is nice and the price is reasonable. 
suitable for take in every meal~

What to do while waiting food ?
Take up few picture with my little handsome boy . 

All come in together>< 
okay let's do it ~
My little boy "Mong" face.

After that we went for Chew Tian Yang Aquarium 
I saw my my my "dream" dog ><
Pomeranian .. there was two there..
Since i promise myself, no now to feed it.
due to that i still cant feed myself thus i'm no able to feed them><
Mummy told me to buy a pair on next time.
If not they will feel lonely..
Mummy It is expensive a!!!
There is no allow to take any photo ..
So, we just walk around bring my little boy see all the animal.
he was curious and scare ><
but it is so cute =]

Next stop ..
Jing Shi Book Store.. 静思书轩 
A place of 慈济 ..
It is a nice play for study just like a library.
Must keep quite and keep down your voice..

There was a Drama show . 
But , it is quite boring><
However i learned something .

End up with driving home =] 
Our last destination.. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bye Diploma and Hi Degree!

My degree life is start from two days after my diploma last semester final exam.
What kind of rushed that we had make. 
From my expect i will though that degree will start after 2 month of my diploma unless we get some rest and relax . 
To have enough time to pack up the mood that we have to separate with each other ..
The people that we used to study ,learning have joy together in these 2 years.
A farewell to said Bye Bye to all.. How sad and not willing to let go other.
There no choice ,everyone have to fight for their own future.

In third week of degree life i felt uneasy or i'm not really used to be .
The tutorial as assessment is torturing me like hell. It's stress up me.
I have to adjust my lifestyle and learning style to adapt my degree life and follow the step!
Hope to have all the best on my degree life and my other Ex-classmate have bright future~

My classmate ..
Today classmate, tomorrow friends 
It's not the end for us, we will meet up in future ^^

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Street Walk 2012 !

Here we go Street Walk .

The crazy move that we have done!
From Penang Road - Jetty - UPR - Penag Road .. 2pm to 7 pm 
5 hour street walk.. seriously this will be list in my craziness memories.
It's really crazy and unbelievable , but WE DID IT ! 
However the leg is going to break and skin going to black .
It might be once in my life but it is enough to be a incredible memory for me. 

Epic Photo =]

Kaithlynn .. 

Next , Qi Xun with the bicycle . 

Ying Suan your turn .. RUNNNN!!!!

The 3 Girls..
Ciong ahhhh!!!!
Kelly> Theresa < Ying Suan 

Starwars ONLINE !!!
Jebez Versus Jian Wei

Other photo will be upload in facebook =]